Do you have the ability to draw fantasy and science fiction artwork?  Do you want your work published in books?  Now looking for artists to design artwork for the role-playing system.  Pen & Ink or Digital Artists are equally welcome.  Compensation Negotiable.  If you are interested send an email via the contact us page.

ARI RPG is the official site of the brand new table top game system ARI or Advanced Role-playing Integrated.  ARI is a non-genre specific table top role-playing game system.  It is the culmination of over three years of development, and numerous play testing.

It is currently in BETA playtest.  While the game is not yet available to the general public we are actively looking for artists interested in doing fantasy and science fiction work in the gaming industry.  Contact us further for details.

Stay tuned to the latest about the ARI game system.


Currently in Progress:

ARI game system basic rule set

Ari Space Opera Campaign System

Ari Space Opera Module 1